22 July, 2016

John Smith – Retired Electrician

John Smith has lived in Masham almost all his life (albeit a brief stay in West Tanfield when he was a boy). John was an electrician and his family ran the electric shop where Bah Humbugs is found today. You’ll often see John walking a long the River Ure with his dog Tara. 1. Name John Smith 2. How long have you lived in Masham – I’m 75 and I was born in Masham and have lived her for almost […]

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11 July, 2016

Phil Newton – Masham Sports Association

We’re very proud in Masham of our Sports Association and recreational area (the rec) which sits along side the River Ure just as you drive into the town. During the Summer months there is always a cricket match to watch, and currently Masham’s First XI are on fine form, having won every one of their eleven matches this season. Here we ask Phil Newton, the captain of Masham’s First XI to answer our “Live Like A Local Questions……”. 1. How […]

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13 July, 2016

Lucy Scott Paul – Bah Humbugs

Lucy Scott Paul runs award winning Bah Humbugs Sweet Shop in Masham’s market square. They stock over 400 different sweets and sweet gifts which are also available via their online sweet shop – www.bahhumbugs.com. Here she answers our Live Like A Local questions….. 1. Name Lucy Scott Paul 2. How long have you lived in Masham? 34 Years 3. Three things you’d recommend a visitor to do in Masham & surrounding area:- Take a look in all the independent businesses in […]

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Susan Briggs – The Tourism Network

Susan Briggs has lived in Masham for just over a decade with her husband and daughter. Susan is a champion for tourism within Yorkshire and is Director of The Tourism Network. Here she gives us her answers to our Live Like A Local Questionnaire. Name: Susan Briggs   How long have you lived in Masham (or surrounding area!)? 11 years   Three things you’d recommend a visitor to do in Masham & surrounding area:-  Follow the river walk, looking out […]

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20 July, 2016

Gaynor Pearson – ArtisOn

Gaynor is a stone carver and runs ArtisOn on the outskirts of Masham which is a not-for-profit organisation providing art and craft workshops in the Yorkshire Dales. Gaynor is involved in many aspects of Masham life including the Arts Festival committee and is a crucial member of the Visit Masham team.

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25 July, 2016

Simon Kitching – Masham Tennis Club

Simon is one of Masham’s well known decorators, having learned his trade with Blades & Sons Decorators in the town after leaving school. Simon started his own decorating business thirteen years ago and his meticulous attention to detail means that his diary is always chockablock with work! Simon is a keen member of Masham tennis club and plays tennis competitively as well as socially – you’ll often find him scoring aces on a Sunday morning on the rec! 1. Name […]

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