Saturday 8 June, 2019 - Friday 5 July, 2019

Lorraine Garlick – Bound Together

Blue Light Gallery, 7 Little Market Place, Masham, Ripon HG4 4DY

Bound together is a group of like-minded individuals sharing an artistic philosophy with the desire to create forms in a number of materials. They came together as a group guided by the expertise and vision of Joan Newell – Number 6 Studio Gallery in Pateley Bridge. The processes employed involves the effects of dyes, paint, inks, stitch, print, rust and wax on paper and fabric. As book makers, they choose to display their work in forms as diverse as concertina to Coptic stitched, codex forms to boxes and slipcases. They are interested in pursuing the development of artist’s books; using the form to visually express thoughts, meaning and ideas.
The Blue Light Gallery is open Monday-Saturday from 10am-3pm. For more information about future exhibitions or if you would like to exhibit, please contact The Blue Light Gallery at the Community Office, 7 Little Market Place, Masham, HG4 4DY or call 01765 680 200 or e-mail: