New Aviaries and Arrivals at Swinton Estate’s Birds of Prey Centre

New aviaries and birds have been introduced to Swinton Bivouac, based on the Swinton Estate, following the success of the original falconry centre next to Swinton Park Hotel.

The new extension at the bird of prey centre features four new aviaries, which will house falcons, a baby black Barn Owl and include a purpose built breeding aviary for the hotels’ Harris Hawk pair, affording them more privacy. The hope is, via a one way mirror system and webcam, that guests will be able to watch the Harris Hawks sitting on their eggs and rearing their young without causing any unnecessary disturbance.
Swinton Park Birds of Prey Centre also invites guests to meet their new arrivals. Freya, the Common Buzzard is five weeks old and is being hand reared by Falconer Sophie Abbott who has been working with birds of prey since the age of twelve, and has been resident Falconer at Swinton Park since 2008. Skye, the Barn Owl is the most recent addition to the Birds of Prey centre. She has been bred in-house and has been entertaining guests at Swinton Park since she was a couple of weeks old.
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