The Swinton Park Bird of Prey Centre is celebrating after Shikari, its three-year old Steppe Eagle, was found and safely returned home following her escape last month.

Shikari was found as the result of a call from a member of the public, who had sighted her eating a dead rabbit in the Nosterfield Nature Reserve last week. One of the main attractions of the Bird of Prey Centre’s experience days, the Russian eagle escaped on 28th March following damage to a section of her aviary caused by the extreme weather accompanying Storm Katie. Despite being familiarised with people, there had only been a few confirmed public sightings in the local area prior to her recovery.

Sophie Abbott, Head Falconer, says, “We’ve had many sleepless nights driving across the countryside searching for her and are really pleased she is now safely back with us after two weeks of living in the wilds of Yorkshire! Thank you to everyone who reported sightings of her and the amazing people at Nosterfield Nature Reserve who rang us straight away so we could collect her. Once we sighted and approached her she stepped straight up to the glove and seemed very happy to be heading home. She is now safely back in her enclosure and recuperating quickly from her exploits.”

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