Many of you stepped forward to help out during the first lockdown in March. Some have even been able to continue helping to collect prescriptions or do shopping for those isolating or vulnerable in our community throughout the year. You’re all amazing!

We Need To Share The Load
This lockdown, the winter weather and the new variant of the virus could combine to make the need greater than the first time around. Now, the vaccination programme, though only just getting off the ground, has the potential to need volunteer help too. We want to be ready when needed, and we need to share the load amongst as many volunteers as possible.

We are attempting to contact all those who helped us first time around to check their availability to help. If we haven’t managed to get you, or if you now have flexibility and wish to be part of our volunteer resource, please get in touch.

If you have time to occasionally collect a prescription, do little shopping or have a chat over the phone, it would be great to have you on board. The need may not be immediate, but we suspect it could grow over the coming weeks and we want Masham and the surrounding area to be prepared.

Email the Community Office on or telephone 01765 680200