Community on Track to Save Old Police Building by August 2023

It has almost been a year since Mashamshire Community Office (MCO) held their initial public meeting back in June 2022 to share the news that they had been given the opportunity to purchase the Old Police House in Masham, a place the charity had been based for over 20 years. £215,000 was the figure were set to raise, and the weight lay heavy with the team at MCO, all of whom are incredibly passionate about the difference the charity makes in their local community however to date they’ve raised £182,698.69 and are aiming to complete the purchase in August 2023.

Hayley Jackson, MCO Manager says,

“Over the past 20 years MCO has diversified and adapted our offering to support the community in times of need such as through COVID. This past year we’ve been on a journey to promote our services and actively share and shout about what we do and the difference we make. Our footprint across Mashamshire reaches far and wide and the impact our small organisation has on many local people has come washing back over us in waves of support for which we are overwhelmingly grateful. Volunteers and staff have gone above and beyond, our fundraising team have outdone themselves with the variety of activities on offer this year from 100 clubs to cow pat competitions (there is now a swear jar on the desk in the office for anyone that even mentions the words cow pat!) The business community have been amazing in so many ways from in-kind gestures to running events in aid of MCO and making considerable financial donations. Individuals have come forward to make donations, offer help and share stories of how MCO have helped them in the past.

Going through the process of fundraising for the Community Office building over this past year has brought people together in such an amazing way. Our community have driven this fundraising effort, people feel pride and ownership over this building, they value what our charity does here in Masham and what a central role we play in supporting our rural community. We knew it was important, but we’ve been able to see just how much it’s at the heart of the community and how much people care. The people of Masham see it as their building, and it’s really important to them that we retain it for the future.”

Once the traditional 19th century stone building is purchased, plans are afoot to invest in making it a more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable space for all to enjoy.

The team have some great fundraising events coming up and a live silent auction with some fantastic artwork to bid for so there’s still time to get involved to help get them over the line ready for the purchase in August.

Live online art auction – closes 11th August 2023

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What people say about us

“[MCO] Provides a vehicle to retain MASHAM as a caring community not just a group of houses as most towns and villages”

“As a retired and disabled individual volunteering gives me purpose, gets me out of the house, enables interaction with others and makes me feel useful.”

“We moved to Masham 1 year ago and the first place we visited was the MCO, we have been able to access all manor of activities and help obtained by the MCO and the regular information it sends out.”

“Excellent hub for the community to feel involved with each other, the community and I feel that MCO is vital for the elderly and the vulnerable.”

“It’s a community hub which can mobilise help when needed eg all the various ways help was given during Covid. It is somewhere where people can come for companionship, help, advice and a friendly face.”

“There is always someone there, who can be approached, and if they don’t know the answer they will find it out”