Masham Area Liftshare

Do you need a lift somewhere?
Can you offer a lift?
In our Mashamshire area we drive in excess of 16 million miles a year, most cars with empty seats!
Our aim is to avoid leaving the area with an empty seat

Liftshare is a fantastic FREE initiative. Simply put, it’s a lift-share matching online service for both passengers and for drivers. If you are a driver you can choose to charge a basic fee if you wish and it does not impact on your insurance*
We all readily offer lifts and share car journeys with our friends and family, but many of us travel with an empty passenger seat simply because we don’t know of anyone who needs a lift, while others struggle to make appointments because they cannot access transport.

Getting Started:

You require an email address you can readily access. Once you’ve registered your journey, activated your account, the Liftshare database searches for possible matches. When you have found a suitable match, you can then contact the person using the internal messaging system.

There are many benefits:

• You can help members in our community, it may be a lift to a supermarket, a hospital appt, a job in the next town, an education center, social event, garden center etc.
• Save money by sharing travel costs
• Reduce congestion, pollution and help look after your environment
• Reduce the stress of driving by sharing your journey
• Save on car parking spaces
• There is no obligation, but mutual respect and trust is essential

Your local liftshare Patron is Bishop Helen Ann Hartley.
Mashamshire liftshare also featured on TV (click on TV for short interview)

Liftshare enables people to be joined up, via a secure online hub, if you have an emails address but do not have online access, you can call us to assist with your request.
Your personal details are protected.

What to do next:

Find a lift locally and beyond Liftshare“> Click here
Join today and help promote this service to our wider community. You might need to get out to the next village, the shops or fancy a trip to the seaside, it worth a try.

Two easy steps: Whether you are a passenger or driver, or wish to do both

1. Register on line or call us on 01765 680200 if you require registration assistance.
2. To make your journey ‘Live’ you must activate your account, via your email address.

And if you have a Smart phone, download the APP (for easier access and notifications)
Any Further Questions:
Contact us at Mashamshire Community Office, call 01765 680200 or email:

*Insurance statement. If you are a commuter and are offering a lift, please check your insurance covers Social, Domestic and Commute. Tax guidelines should be observed if you are charging more than .45p a mile.
Liftshare is supported of the North Yorkshire County Council and Stronger Communities Fund, North Yorkshire has its own Lift share scheme.