Cow Pat Winner takes home £2,000!

We are delighted to announce the Cow Pat Prize winner as local resident Ms Kathryn Driver, owner of ticket number 3090 taking home the full £2,000 prize money! The cow responsible for delivering the first plop was Storm Pooper.

At home recovering from COVID Ms Driver said she was shocked, “I can’t believe it! It’s amazing, thank you so much. My mum got the ticket for me and I feel so guilty. I’m going to use the money to pay for a holiday and take my mum away”.

Special thanks to all our sponsors, to Mason for the cows and all our staff and volunteers that have worked tirelessly to make this such a successful event raising £5,000 in aid of MCO purchasing the old police house.

Hayley Jackson, Mashamshire Community Office manager has said:

‘Who would have thought cow pats would bring the community together like this.’

‘Going through the process of fundraising for the Community Office building over this past year has brought people together in such an amazing way. Our community have driven this fundraising effort, people feel pride and ownership over this building, they value what our charity does here in Masham and what a central role we play in supporting our rural community. We knew it was important, but we’ve been able to see just how much it’s at the heart of the community and how much people care. The people of Masham see it as their building, and it’s really important to them that we retain it for the future.’

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Thank you to our sponsors