UCI Cycling Spectacle in Masham

2019 UCI World Road Cycling Championships

From 21-29 Sept, Yorkshire hosts the UCI World Road Racing Championships, a series of nine races for elite, age group and disability cyclists, with the winners wearing the prestigious rainbow jersey for the following season.

All races finish on a town centre circuit in Harrogate.

We are expecting these races to be as busy as the Tour de Yorkshire, with even more European visitors from the cycling hotspots of Belgium, Holland and France.

When will the races come through Masham?

Wed 25 Sep – this is the men’s elite time trial, with riders racing the clock rather than each other. They will come through town on Silver Street, Church Street, Park Street and out towards Grewelthorpe, individually at perhaps 90 second intervals, between 1.30-3.15pm. This race has a full road closure on the route, with the timings advertised as 11am-4.30pm, although we expect the roads to re-open earlier than that.

Sat 28 Sep – this is the women’s elite road race, coming into town via Healey and Fearby and passing through Westholme Road, Red Lane, Park Square, Silver Street and out over the bridge towards Ripon. Riders are expected in Masham at about 1.30pm, with a rolling roadblock for perhaps half an hour before and 15 minutes after.

Sun 29 Sep – this is the men’s elite road race, on the 2014 Tour de France route coming into town on the A6108 from East Witton, staying on Leyburn Road and out over the bridge. Riders are expected in Masham at about 12.30pm, with a similar rolling roadblock to the one on Saturday. Although not on the race route, Silver Street and Park Square will be closed to traffic between 11am-1.30pm.

More information online

General information about the UCI Yorkshire 2019
Road closures and timings: www.northyorks.gov.uk/uci

What is happening in Masham on these days?

There is a big screen on the Market Place showing all three races in full, along with expanded markets, cycling-related stalls and exhibitions.

There is a weekend of free family fun beyond the bike races as well:

Fri 27 Sep – we will be using the big screen to show outdoor movies on the Shooting Holme – PADDINGTON 2 at 4.00pm and GREASE at 6.30pm

Sat 28 Sep – there will be LIVE MUSIC in the Market Place from 6-8pm.

Sun 29 Sep – we are delighted to welcome back the LEEDS WEST INDIAN CARNIVAL, who will be ‘on the road’ immediately after the race goes past (maybe 12.45pm, Silver Street to Market Place), and after the race finishes on the big screen (maybe 3.30pm, around the Market Place)

Will there be land art?

Yes, this time our enthusiastic artists from Masham School are creating a massive Masham-related land art on Glebe Field (between the church and Glebe House).

Parking and practicalities

Resident parking

Roads on the race route will have on-road parking suspended for the day of the race/s, and parking on the Market Place and its perimeter road is suspended for all three days. Residents who usually park on the route or Market Place can park free of charge on the Shooting Holme*.
You will need a separate voucher for each day which can be obtained from the Community Office on 01765 680200 or Nick Reed on 01765 689702.

*N.B. If bad weather makes the Holme unusable alternative parking will be advertised.

Visitor parking and emergency services

Visitor parking and portaloos are available at the Shooting Holme, with a suggested £5 per vehicle charitable donation. As always, blue light services are making comprehensive plans for the races, to ensure they can offer the usual level of service, and will stop the race in the case of an emergency. First aiders and racemakers will be around town on all three days.

How can I get involved?

By making Masham (even more) beautiful in advance and on the day. Masham has got a well-deserved reputation for welcoming international cycling events, and we hope that businesses and houses will put on displays to showcase our beautiful town to visitors, and to a national and international television audience.
Our stylish Masham flags are still available from the Community Office for a very reasonable £6.
The World Championships “rainbow” colours are blue, red, black, yellow and green, but anything in a more conventional rainbow, the blue and yellow of the Tour de Yorkshire, or generally bike-related will look great on your house or business!

By offering help as a steward or first aider – contact Nick Reed as below.

By making sure that roads are clear on the day for cyclists, and the Market Place for pedestrians.

By having a great time at and after the races on this unique week!

For ANY further information, or to volunteer to help, please contact:
Nick Reed, Tour de Yorkshire Co-ordinator, tel. 689702 / reednick66@yahoo.com
Mashamshire Community Office, tel. 680200 / info@visitmasham.com
Masham Parish Council, tel. 680205 / mashamparishclerk@gmail.com