2 August, 2023 - 5 August, 2026

100 Club

Mashamshire Community Office, 7 Little Market Place, Masham HG4 4DY

We have our very own MCO 100 Club!

It is one of the most important ways in which we raise funds to continue supporting our local community. So please get involved.

It’s simple to join; members buy “numbers” and three of these are randomly drawn every month to award cash prizes of £70, £20 and £10.

The draw is held on the first Wednesday of each month. To be included, members must have subscribed (and payment must have been received by MCO) by close of business on the Thursday before the draw.

If you’d like to join our 100 club, please contact us on 01765 680200 or via email at info@visitmasham.com.