Thursday 15 March, 2018 - Thursday 15 March, 2018

Food for Thought – Supper & Talk.

Sports Pavilion, The Recreation Ground, Masham

Sister Rita Lee.
To locals in Colleyhurst, a run down part of Manchester, Sister Rita Lee is known as ‘Attila the Nun’. It’s actually meant as a compliment, for it neatly captures two essential things about the 70-year -old livewire from Cork. She is a nun off more than 50 years’ standing and she is a fighter par excellence, waging crusade after crusade on behalf of the people of Colleyhurst. Somehow, against the odds , she always comes out on top. As, for example, on a trip to London to tell Iain Duncan smith, the then Work and Pensions Secretary, to stop docking the benefits of regulars at the Lally Centre, the food bank-come-advice centre she runs from the basement of a Victorian school building. “I told him sanctions were cruel,” she says. Colleyhurst is one off the 10 most economically deprived areas in the country. “We must help one another in this life” says Sister Rita. “It’s the commandment. We can’t just go on our own. ‘Take the shirt off your back and give it to somebody.’ That’s where I come from.” sister Rita and her work have been the subject of a BBC documentary (another one is being made) and a recent play in Masham!
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