Wednesday 22 May, 2013 - Wednesday 22 May, 2013

The Grand Depart 2014 Open Meeting

Mashamshire Community Library, 7 Little Market Place, Masham HG4 4DY

Come to the Community Office to discuss, co-ordinate events and pool ideas in Masham and how we can all benefit from the Tour event going through Masham on the 5th July 2014.
3 billion people watch the Tour de France every year and over 188 countries around the world broadcast the event. The last hour of every stage is broadcast (which will include Masham!) live across western Europe. 2,000 journalists from 35 countries attend the tour every year. Spectators spend on average over 6 hours at a time at the roadside.
If you are unable to make the meeting but would like to be involved, or if you know of another business or individual whom you think would be an asset to organising events etc, please let me know.