GETTING HELP AROUND MASHAM – Prescriptions, Shopping, Social Contact

The Community Office has a list of over 70 volunteers in and around Masham who are available to help with shopping, prescription collection and any other issues. If you are self isolating and unable to go out for food or prescriptions for whatever reason, we can find a volunteer who can help you. If you are isolated at home and just want to feel a bit connected over the phone, we can find someone to chat to.

Please call 01765 680200 if you need help. We are open Mon-Fri, 10AM till 3PM

Groups of volunteers are coming together in many of Masham’s surrounding villages too. If you are initiating some activity to help in the current crisis, please let us know – email:

Here is a list summarising other community action and support. Click here to view.

More useful information is also listed on our Covid-19 Local Info Page here.

Our Masham Community Office crisis volunteers are local folk who have offered to help collecting prescriptions, shopping etc for ANYONE who is self isolating in our community. This might be because they, or a member of their household, has symptoms of Covid-19, or they may be isolating because their health makes them vulnerable, or they are over 70 and Boris has told them to stay indoors!

The NHS Volunteers are coordinated centrally by them with their focus exclusively on helping people whom the NHS has specifically identified as being vulnerable due to their health conditions – these people are “medically shielded”.

Of course there will be many volunteers who have volunteered for both the NHS and other organisations, but the Community Office volunteers are accessed and coordinated locally and are available to help anyone in the local community who is in need of support.