Full of charm and character, a market is more than it’s produce…

There’s something primitive about an outdoor market that can’t be resisted. Whether it’s the sensory explosion of smells, sounds and contrasts of colour and textures pulling you in different directions, or the orderly chaos of stall holders setting up and extroverts promoting their products, you’re pulled into the Town’s personality for the day.

Seeking out our market when you’re visiting will give you an earthy insight into Masham. Not only can you stock up on supplies or treat loved ones back home to a gift, but if you perch yourself on the edge of the market with a brew in hand, you can absorb the atmosphere. Enjoy some people watching whilst appreciating the beautiful historic buildings that surround the market. Chat to our friendly locals to get the low down on what to do in Masham. There are plenty of independent shops and hidden amenities that surround the market place too. So do explore the nooks and crannies around our town and visit Mashamshire Community Office where we can give you some advice on what to do during your visit.

A market square from the 18th century

The present square with its beautiful Georgian houses was created in the 18th century and is still going strong. Some say now more than ever! Councillor Ian Johnson (below) tells us, “we’ve bucked the trend in markets, we’ve increased the number of stalls and increased the footfall post COVID. It’s a nice little market. Because we’ve got this large open space, we can have a safe market. People can walk about and there’s no traffic, that’s what makes people feel safe”.

The market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year. There is also a farmers’ market the first Sunday of the month throughout spring and summer. Be sure to add it to your to do list when you next visit Masham!