Mashamshire Community Office: Police Building

The North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has decided to co-locate fire and police estate requirements in Masham and to dispose of the Masham Police House as a community asset.

The Commissioner has set out a clear policy to share estate across police and fire services wherever possible to make the most efficient and effective use of our public assets. In Masham the Commissioner currently owns the Masham Police House and the Masham Fire Station. Masham Police House is currently leased to Mashamshire Community Office who use the premises, with the police using it as a touchdown facility for the local Police Beat Manager and PCSO when they are in the area. Masham Fire Station is an On-call fire station housing the local On-call fire engine. Due to the requirements of the two Services, it has been agreed that the police touchdown facilities should be moved to the fire station thereby releasing Masham police house for disposal.

North Yorkshire Police will continue to patrol and engage with the local community as they currently do and there will be no change to the service level local residents should expect.

The Commissioner recognises the value to the community provided by Mashamshire Community Office (MCO) who currently occupy the police house. Therefore, the Commissioner hopes to dispose of the police house as a community asset and has set out a process aligned to the Community Right to Bid scheme to afford MCO the opportunity to purchase the property prior to it being placed on the open market. A timeline and value has been agreed for this process.

Should this process be successful, it is hoped, subject to negotiation, that MCO will continue to provide ‘front desk’ services for North Yorkshire Police in Masham, to facilitate signposting and provide a point of contact with the local policing team.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Zoë Metcalfe said,

“Mashamshire Community Office is a fantastic local asset which has been providing benefit to the public for nearly two decades. I recognise this value on the community and I hope our sale will afford them the opportunity to purchase the property, with a supportive timeline and value agreed for this process.”

Paul Theakston, Chair of Trustees at Mashamshire Community Office said,

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to purchase the old police house, from which the Community Office has been delivering an ever expanding range of services into our community for the past twenty years. Actually owning the building will secure our position literally at the heart of the community and ensure that we will be able to provide community services long into the future”.

Mashamshire Community Office will be working hard to secure funding to purchase the property and welcome support from community members, local organisations and businesses to share their knowledge, skills and time to help raise valuable funds.

A public open meeting will be held on 14th June, 2pm-4pm in the Small Hall of Masham Town Hall where the community are invited to attend a fundraising task force meeting.

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