August 8, 2022

We are recruiting!

Mashamshire Community Office are currently looking to recruit a

Service Delivery Coordinator

25 hours per week

This could be your perfect local job, right at the heart of Masham. We are a community charity looking for someone with experience of coordinating a range of busy functions and managing a team.

To view the job description click here

To download an application form click here

Completed application forms can be emailed to Hayley at before the closing date.

For more information or an informal chat, please call and speak to Sarah or Hayley on 01765 680200 between 10am-3pm.

(Interviews 24th-25th August)

We raised £2,392.87 to support MCO and the Bone Cancer Research Trust – thank you!

We raised a grand total of £2,392.87 at our charity fundraiser on Saturday 6th August!

I would like to say a big thank you firstly to Jane Caress who approached MCO last year to ask if we’d be interested in running this event in partnership with her and the Bone Cancer Research Trust. If it wasn’t for Jane approaching us, the evening would never have taken place. I’d also like to thank the Earl Grey Saxes who offered to play and provide a night of entertainment for free! These ideas turned into The Great American Songbook and we gathered support throughout the year, everyone being so generous with their time, money and sponsorship – our local businesses have been incredible and we’re so grateful for their support.

It was a fantastic night and we hope you enjoyed your evening! Thanks to everyone’s generous donations, the event raised valuable funds which will be split equally between Mashamshire Community Office (we are currently fundraising to purchase the building from where we operate in Masham), as well as a charity close to the hearts of the people of Mashamshire, the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

It was a night of jazz classics, performed beautifully by the Earl Grey Saxes and thanks to our fantastic sponsors, we were able to hold a raffle and auction some fantastic prizes. Thank you to everyone that gave up their time and money to support this event, we hope you had a great night.

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters…
Jane Caress Ltd:
Lightwater Valley:
The Forbidden Corner:
Corks and Cases:
Grantley Hall:
Dangerfield and Keene:
W.E. Jameson & Son Ltd:
Brymor Ice Cream Parlous:
Black Sheep Brewery:
Catterick Racecourse:
Morrisons Ripon:
Rudding Park:
Beavers Butchers:
W S Rogers and Son:
Bah Humbugs:
Johnny Baghdad’s:
Black Swan:

July 27, 2022


Who is it for?

This course is ideal for those working in low-hazard environments, such as a shop or office, or for organisations whose first aid needs assessment identifies the requirement for somebody trained in emergency first aid.

What is covered?

The emergency first aid at work course gives learners the skills and confidence to respond to a range of first aid emergencies they could encounter in the workplace, including helping someone who is:

  • unresponsive and not breathing – including how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • unresponsive and breathing
  • having a seizure
  • choking
  • bleeding heavily
  • burnt (including a range of different burns e.g. electrical)

The course also includes information on:

  • assessing a casualty
  • monitoring a casualty
  • where to get help
  • electrical incidents
  • accident recording and reporting
  • the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH).
  • feels faint
  • has been poisoned
  • has hypothermia or heat exhaustion
  • has an injury to the bone, muscle or joint (including spinal injuries)
  • is having a heart attack (including the administration of aspirin)
  • is having an angina attack
  • is having a stroke
  • is having a diabetic emergency
  • is having a severe allergic reaction
  • is having an asthma attack
  • has a head injury.

July 19, 2022




Available from the Community Office and Library

Everyone loves a gadget so the theme of this year’s Challenge is gadgets of all shapes and sizes. To have some gadget themed fun one of our volunteer librarians has created this Gadget Quiz. Pictures have been placed around Masham in shop and house windows and open spaces and they can all be found as you walk around town on foot. All entries will be entered into a draw to win a prize.

Keep your eyes open for those clues as you walk around ……..


June 29, 2022

Summer Reading Challenge 2022


It’s time for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge at Masham Library. Children aged 4-11 can join, and the challenge is to read at least six books over the summer. This year the theme is the ‘Gadgeteer’s’ with help from the Science Museum all about imagination, problem solving and gadgets. Children get a poster at the start, stickers and rewards as they read more books and a certificate and medal for finishers.

Children can read anything they like – stories, factual books, picture books and we have lots of good books here at the library. Look out for the Gadget Quiz, spot the gadget pictures around Masham and win a prize.

Sign up starts on Thursday 14th July, children need to be library members but can join here in the library.

Call 01765 680204 or email for further information

June 6, 2022

Volunteers Week 2022 – Thank You!

It would be much easier to name the things that we do at Mashamshire Community Office that do not involve volunteers – it would simply be zero…literally everything that happens here, involves volunteers in some way shape or form. They are the backbone of MCO and are making a difference to residents, local businesses, visitors, friends and family every day. It’s not just the big stuff that we do here that makes a difference, it’s also the little human things that our volunteers do that make a huge difference to people’s lives…

  • Developing someone’s confidence at the walking group
  • Going that extra mile for the library user that they know will enjoy a new book on the shelf (because they know what the individual likes to read)
  • On the front counter, noticing that the person that usually visits on a certain day, hasn’t shown up this week, so they make a point of checking in with them
  • Spending an hour with someone helping them get use to their new I-pad that a relative so helpfully sent them in the post
  • Connecting the dots seamlessly and keeping the flow of information moving between businesses, local authorities, residents and visitors
  • Looking out for people’s health and wellbeing, formally referring them to agencies that can help but also just offering them a much-needed cup of tea and a natter!
  • One of our volunteers really went the extra mile last week, even cleaning horse poo from the path outside! Not one we hope to repeat any time soon!

…there are endless examples of the things our volunteers do and care about which make a difference to individual people in our community and they make a difference to who we are as an organisation.

Please join me in saying a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers in our community that make Mashamshire such a wonderful place to live and visit!

Thank you from Hayley (MCO Manager) and the team at Mashamshire Community Office.

May 18, 2022

Mashamshire Community Office: Police Building

The North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has decided to co-locate fire and police estate requirements in Masham and to dispose of the Masham Police House as a community asset.

The Commissioner has set out a clear policy to share estate across police and fire services wherever possible to make the most efficient and effective use of our public assets. In Masham the Commissioner currently owns the Masham Police House and the Masham Fire Station. Masham Police House is currently leased to Mashamshire Community Office who use the premises, with the police using it as a touchdown facility for the local Police Beat Manager and PCSO when they are in the area. Masham Fire Station is an On-call fire station housing the local On-call fire engine. Due to the requirements of the two Services, it has been agreed that the police touchdown facilities should be moved to the fire station thereby releasing Masham police house for disposal.

North Yorkshire Police will continue to patrol and engage with the local community as they currently do and there will be no change to the service level local residents should expect.

The Commissioner recognises the value to the community provided by Mashamshire Community Office (MCO) who currently occupy the police house. Therefore, the Commissioner hopes to dispose of the police house as a community asset and has set out a process aligned to the Community Right to Bid scheme to afford MCO the opportunity to purchase the property prior to it being placed on the open market. A timeline and value has been agreed for this process.

Should this process be successful, it is hoped, subject to negotiation, that MCO will continue to provide ‘front desk’ services for North Yorkshire Police in Masham, to facilitate signposting and provide a point of contact with the local policing team.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Zoë Metcalfe said,

“Mashamshire Community Office is a fantastic local asset which has been providing benefit to the public for nearly two decades. I recognise this value on the community and I hope our sale will afford them the opportunity to purchase the property, with a supportive timeline and value agreed for this process.”

Paul Theakston, Chair of Trustees at Mashamshire Community Office said,

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to purchase the old police house, from which the Community Office has been delivering an ever expanding range of services into our community for the past twenty years. Actually owning the building will secure our position literally at the heart of the community and ensure that we will be able to provide community services long into the future”.

Mashamshire Community Office will be working hard to secure funding to purchase the property and welcome support from community members, local organisations and businesses to share their knowledge, skills and time to help raise valuable funds.

A public open meeting will be held on 14th June, 2pm-4pm in the Small Hall of Masham Town Hall where the community are invited to attend a fundraising task force meeting.

Read Zoe’s announcement:

March 31, 2022

Supporting Ukraine

The desire and passion evoked by many to help the people of Ukraine is extremely heart-warming and to make the most of this, we are asking people to ensure that they carefully select an appropriate organisation to work with. Consider how best placed, experienced and validated they are to deliver an appropriate level of support safely so that your offering is maximised to the fullest potential to help those in need.

There are lots of ways to help during this extremely difficult and devastating time and many people have been in touch with us to ask how they can best get involved. We’re recommending that people contact Ripon City of Sanctuary who are putting lots of ongoing support in place behind the scenes (such as peer to peer support) and they have a vast amount of information and advice based on their long experience of dealing with helping refugees to settle.

Another excellent resource is a website produced and updated by Harrogate and District Community Action (HADCA) which provides relevant and up-to-date information about ways you can get involved:

February 27, 2022


Good news….thanks to our wonderful Library volunteers, Mashamshire Community Library is open for browsing Monday-Friday 10:00am-3.00pm, open until 4pm every Thursday and Saturday 10am-1pm.    

February 11, 2022

Masham Strollers – come and join us on a Friday

Walking regularly outdoors benefits us physically, emotionally and mentally as well as enjoying the company of others in our community.

Wellbeing walks are short (approximately 30-40 minutes), accessible, friendly, free walks around Masham. All walks are led by trained walk leaders, will take place over easy ground, although there may be some uneven surfaces/pavements, around the streets, alleys and open green spaces in Masham. All walks are circular starting at Mashamshire Community Office every Friday morning, meeting from 10am to start walking at 10.10am. You’ll receive a very warm welcome and after the walk, join us in the Town Hall for tea/coffee and chat with your fellow walkers.

If you would like to join us on a walk you can just turn up or for further information, please contact Sarah on 01765 680200 or email

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