Stranded but MCO to the rescue!

We always say, no day is ever the same at Mashamshire Community Office (MCO) and this blustery autumnal Wednesday was certainly no exception as one of our local residents carefully made her way through our front doors in need of help. She had been on her way to the Wednesday Welcome group when her mobility scooter gave out, running out of battery in the middle of the pavement! Although not very mobile, she had managed to get to us looking for help. Beth, our Service Delivery Coordinator quickly retrieved the abandoned scooter from across the road with one of our willing volunteers and pushed it back to the office. Worried she wouldn’t make it to her group, another one of our incredibly helpful volunteers offered to give the lady a lift around the corner to the Methodist Chapel and arranged with someone from the Wednesday Welcome group to take her home when it finished.

In the meantime, we contacted Ben, a trusted local builder who came with his trailer and loaded the scooter up and delivered it back to the lady’s house (all free of charge!) who, as if it had been meticulously planned, arrived at the very same time with the Wednesday Welcome volunteer. The team managed to push the scooter back into the lady’s shed making sure it was set to be fully charged ready for the next adventure…hopefully making it to the final destination with enough charge next time! Needless to say, the individual involved was incredibly grateful.

People often ask what we do at MCO and it’s sometimes hard to articulate because what we do is so varied but in a nutshell, we’re the trusted neighbour that’s here to help and it doesn’t matter what you come to us about – we will try to help and if we can’t , we will likely know someone that can!