Volunteers Week 2022 – Thank You!

It would be much easier to name the things that we do at Mashamshire Community Office that do not involve volunteers – it would simply be zero…literally everything that happens here, involves volunteers in some way shape or form. They are the backbone of MCO and are making a difference to residents, local businesses, visitors, friends and family every day. It’s not just the big stuff that we do here that makes a difference, it’s also the little human things that our volunteers do that make a huge difference to people’s lives…

  • Developing someone’s confidence at the walking group
  • Going that extra mile for the library user that they know will enjoy a new book on the shelf (because they know what the individual likes to read)
  • On the front counter, noticing that the person that usually visits on a certain day, hasn’t shown up this week, so they make a point of checking in with them
  • Spending an hour with someone helping them get use to their new I-pad that a relative so helpfully sent them in the post
  • Connecting the dots seamlessly and keeping the flow of information moving between businesses, local authorities, residents and visitors
  • Looking out for people’s health and wellbeing, formally referring them to agencies that can help but also just offering them a much-needed cup of tea and a natter!
  • One of our volunteers really went the extra mile last week, even cleaning horse poo from the path outside! Not one we hope to repeat any time soon!

…there are endless examples of the things our volunteers do and care about which make a difference to individual people in our community and they make a difference to who we are as an organisation.

Please join me in saying a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers in our community that make Mashamshire such a wonderful place to live and visit!

Thank you from Hayley (MCO Manager) and the team at Mashamshire Community Office.