Why do we need volunteers?

Our volunteers at Mashamshire Community Office are woven through the fabric of our charity in every way and at every level – their intricate knowledge of the local area, their vast and complex connections across the community. Their passion and commitment, drive MCO to deliver the best service we can for our community. Quite simply, they are integral to the culture of our charity and we couldn’t do what we do without them!

With just over 2 FTE paid staff, our army of skilled and dedicated volunteers contributed a whopping 8,500 hours during 2021-2022! Incredible!

Thank you to everyone that has volunteered with us throughout our 20 years of service!

Volunteering has huge benefits – helping others kindles happiness and here at Mashamshire Community Office we pride ourselves on offering supportive and flexible volunteering opportunities so that you can be part of the movement creating positive change in our community.

Here are just some of the things you could do as a volunteer with us:

  • Train as a walk leader to guide and support people on one of our wellbeing walks or help us develop some new routes for those that want something a bit more challenging
  • Help out in our community library
  • Support us with our marketing and help us shout about the great work we do
  • Share all your local knowledge with our visitors on the front desk, be that friendly face to our many regulars that pop in for a social catch up and learn about your local community, signposting people to the help and support that they need
  • Do you have a strategic mind and the skills we need behind the scenes to help drive our charity forward?

Anyone interested in finding out more about our wide variety of volunteering opportunities, please do get in touch at info@visitmasham.com or call 01765 680200.

Watch this video to hear why Michael volunteers with us.